Lower Cholesterol Fast

Lower Cholesterol Fast

Lower Cholesterol Fast – How To Lower Cholesterol Quickly And Safely

You can control your cholesterol levels by purchasing and using nutritional supplements.

Your cholesterol numbers may be on the rise, and are causing both you and your doctor concern. You may be looking for a way to lower cholesterol fast, yet don’t want to resort to taking prescription drugs. After all, they can have some serious side effects, which you’d like to avoid if possible. What are the best ways to bring down your cholesterol numbers quickly, yet naturally? Natural foods and supplements are the best approach you can implement. Let’s examine some specifics examples below.

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Lower cholesterol fast with health supplements

When learning how to lower cholesterol quickly, the first lesson is on cholesterol itself. One third of your cholesterol comes from the food you eat, and the remaining two thirds is manufactured directly by your body on its own. This means, the most effective strategy that will lower cholesterol fast is one which works directly on your body’s production of the it.

The first supplement which will do so is red yeast rice. This powerful, naturally occurring compound is just as potent as prescription statin drugs at lowering your cholesterol quickly and keeping it down. It is the most potent product you can use without a doctor’s approval. What’s the downside? However, with this potency, comes possible side effects as well, closely resembling those produced by the statin family of drugs. In fact, you will need to monitor your liver enzymes just as closely as you would when taking statins, to check for possible liver damage. Also, as it is a natural product, it is not required to be compounded under strict guidelines, so it can be difficult to ascertain how much you are getting with each dose. For these reasons and if you want to avoid harmful side effects, you may want to avoid this solution.

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The second supplement which will lower cholesterol fast is perfectly safe, making it an excellent choice. This supplement is phytosterols, also sometimes referred to as plant sterols. These phytosterols mirror cholesterol in their form, and your body is unable to distinguish between them. There are over two hundred unique types of these naturally occurring steroids, meaning new research results are being released all the time.

What is the best way to take them? There are some foods which boast a high amount of phytosterols, such as vegetable oils and some nuts. However, to lower cholesterol fast, taking a larger dose will yield the best results. This is most suitably accomplished through supplementation.

How much should you take? According to research, a dose of 1.5-3.0 grams taken every day is the best for lowering your cholesterol levels quickly. Due to the similar chemical natural which phytosterols share with cholesterol, a dose of this size will compete for absorption in your body’s intestinal tract. This competition causes some of the cholesterol to pass through undigested, passing harmlessly out of your body as waste. The net effect of this is to lower your overall cholesterol numbers, and quickly.

What are the side effects? The good news is, there are no known adverse side effects when taking phytosterols. However, new research suggests that this unique compound causes a tremendously positive side effect – cancer prevention. Several studies have been conducted on phytosterols ability to prevent the growth of lung, stomach, ovarian and breast cancer with encouraging results. Clearly, when attempting to lower cholesterol fast, phytosterols should be at the top of your list.

When learning how to lower cholesterol quickly, another promising supplement to discuss is psyllium powder. Psyllium powder contains high amounts of soluble fiber, which has various health benefits. While it will keep you regular as well, this fiber works as a binding agent to lower the absorption of cholesterol in your body. Once it is bound together, your body cannot process it, and it simply passes through your system.

How much should you take? Experts recommend taking between five and ten grams of soluble fiber each day. Taking this amount can lower your harmful LDL cholesterol by as much as five percent in just over a month. That means you will see results fast.

So, in conclusion, consider adding these quality supplements to your health routine. Their unique properties enable them to lower cholesterol fast, while keeping you free of side effects at the same time. With their help, you will soon see the numbers you hope to achieve.

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